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    Living Large Lives. Mothers to five unschooled children. Creators. Space Holders. Storytellers. Jewelry Makers.

    Ange Arbuckle & Naomi Irons

    A Soul Knowing

    Two bold and couragous women who have been willing to go against the grain and make their lives up as they go. They have been willing to stand alone and willing to let it all go to stay true to their INNER vision.


    Their journey is more than just 'talking' about spirituality and consciousness, they live it. They have the courage to live it DAILY, even when the going gets tough. They have become a wave of visible permission for many who know they are here to live the new culture.


    Their personal stories weave together what so many feel they have to endure alone and in silence. They know intimately, the deep heartbreak, pain, grief, rage and awkwardness of living as REAL women in a world that encourages conformity and compliance.


    Their journey's are far from perfect. They are faced with many challenges with each leap they make, but what has changed has been their perception on how they see themselves and the world around them, making challenges opportunities for growth.

    In so many ways these women are the yin and the yang of each other. Perfect mirrors for growth and expansion.


    Naomi began her journey as a CODE Model Coach creating community conversations that pressed the edges of human consciousness, inviting Ange to take part. Ange, who's passion was to live life to it's fullest, take risks and explore the world, invited Naomi to take part. Before they knew it they were both CODE Model Coaches and Naomi and her family moved across the world to join Ange and her sons for many adventures in Hawaii.

    Little by little their journeys have naturally shaped a new culture all around them, where the connection to Self is the new norm.


    Through all the many facets of their lives, their commitment is always to themselves first, making room for a real presence with others. They stay in exploration of their deep inner truths, the tough conversations it takes to stay true to their vision, and the knowing that life is to be lived beyond the cultural comfort zone.


    They launched their first product line this year with much more to come. It is inspired by their lives together with their families in Hawaii. To see more jewelry visit their Etsy shop.


    To visit their web sites...

    Ange Arbuckle

    Naomi Irons


    We have tapped into a ground swell of what's possible as Women Live Awakened


    What is SoulFire?


    SoulFire is the new fuel for creation,

    It is the new culture where women look inward to rise.

    It is about truth. Lived truth. Uncovered truth. Messy truth and raw truth meeting your soul.

    Soul Fire is the space inside.

    The quantum space where truth and soul meet.


    SoulFire began over morning coffees, out of sheer necessity during the greatest and toughest transitions of our lives. It began as a way to remember we were not crazy or alone in some of our darkest moments and toughest conversations with ourselves! It started as an ignition of our passions beyond our deepest fears. It became a space to share our raw truths and to hear our own Souls out loud. SoulFire was our way to remain connected to ourselves on a daily basis, to create and collaborate from our inner knowing. We knew it was bigger than us but knew it had to begin with us before we opened to the world!




    "The most powerful aspect of Soul Fire is that it was birthed from a place of authentic love between two friends who are committed to living their truth in the presence of each other, their family/community and other places and spaces on their journey. You are the living example of "The New Culture". The deep respect you have for one another is palpable in your presence and that is a transformational contagion! It is one thing to talk about change, transformation, a process for living and to dream of something different but the real power of transformation lives in modelling a new way of being. For me, that is what you are doing. You are living the talk! " ~Angela B


    SoulFire is for the women whose growth game is strong

  • Soul Call.

    It can be simple and complex.

    The simple part is hearing the call, your call.

    You will hear it with your body... your soul will touch your skin and your skin will rise.

    The complexity is what you cannot explain, where your trained logic mind wants to know

    and all you have to go upon is.... it's a feeling.

    It’s Quantum.

    You will know when you are ready to work with SoulFire,

    it will be when you cannot turn off that deeper hunger,

    the larger call of yourself that is waiting to see your own light.


  • What is the New Culture?

    The New Culture is one in which we turn inward to face ourselves.

    One where our inner knowings shape our reality...

    where awake is the new norm.

    Stay tuned over the next year as we launch intensive conversations, videos and retreats designed to bring the New Culture to LIFE.





    Committing to your own Soul and the journey it takes to live the New Culture

    ~June 2017~






  • Say YES!

    A three month commitment to radically connect inwards and discover the real potential of SELF in an awakened Sisterhood.

    Saying YES is for the women whose soul can no longer be silent or silenced.


    Consider this.

    Consider that the relationship you have with yourself sets the stage for your life.

    You have come here with a KNOWING, a purpose....a chord to play that IS vital in the world’s

    orchestra of transformation.

    There is a realness waiting to be felt and lived beyond what your mind can comprehend.

    This is not about abandoning your own work...but going deeper into your Soul Work.

    Saying YES is about deepening your message.

    This is opening to a space inside that cannot be done through our thinking alone.

    This space cannot be accessed by our positivity or our mindset.

    This space has been locked away by energy and will be freed by energy.

    Your energy.




    Saying YES is simply a space.

    A self-directed space

    A space of permission

    A space of truth

    A space of intimacy

    A space where your appetite for yourself can be immense

    A space where your past can be digested

    And it already exists inside of you.


    As you dare to LOOK and REVEAL.

    Saying YES is where self evolution becomes more than just a hobby

    It will become a way of Life.

    Decide how big an invitation you are willing to be to yourself.


    You will reveal your own magic to yourself


    Also, all of the ways you have intelligently shut it down

    You will be in real life, real time with yourself, in Community.


    SoulFire offers a path to quantum inner transformation.

    This path will become your own

    This path is where YOUR truth will meet YOUR soul.

    This is not about letting go of what you already know.

    This is about OPENING UP to more of you, more of your truest self.

    Saying YES is a marriage to your highest self where you get to script your own vows.

    THIS is where YOUR game changes!


    Simply put.

    This three month experience is for those who are hungry enough and brave enough to make awake their new norm.

    This will be unlike anything you have ever experienced in the most radical and enlivening way.

    Saying YES is about getting to the core of our own BIG magic.


    Included in this 3 month Intensive:

    A 60 minute personal Skype call with SoulFire

    Bi-Weekly Sisterhood Skype calls to finally END the stop/start of your own awakening journey

    Engage the 25 cd series of Decloaking and Living Authentically that offers a platform for a very different conversation to be had both inside ourselves and in a group setting. (cd set not included, see below).

    Access to closed Facebook group with intimate reveals of our own personal processes daily

    Intensive 10 day writing exercise with SoulFire and group

    Discounts on Retreats held World Wide

    One of a Kind SoulFire Necklace


    Limited to 12 Courageous Women.


    Start Date: Tuesday July 18th

    Here are a list of the dates for our virtual conversations:


    July 18th- 12 pm Hawaii (4pm Calgary) (6pm Ontario) (7pm Nova Scotia)

    August 1st- 12pm Hawaii (4pm Calgary) (6pm Ontario) (7pm Nova Scotia)

    August 15th- 12pm Hawaii (4pm Calgary) (6pm Ontario) (7pm Nova Scotia)

    August 29th- 12pm Hawaii (4pm Calgary) (6pm Ontario) (7pm Nova Scotia)

    September12th - 12pm Hawaii (4pm Calgary) (6pm Ontario) (7pm Nova Scotia)

    September 26th- 12pm Hawaii (4pm Calgary) (6pm Ontario) (7pm Nova Scotia)

    October 10th - 12pm Hawaii (4pm Calgary) (6pm Ontario) (7pm Nova Scotia)


    Investment: $599 US for the Saying YES experience, CD's are separate cost.(To order your digital download of Decloaking and Living Authentically (value $250 CAD) click on the WEL-Systems link



    Since perception and perspective is everything Saying YES is less than $200 per month...or $6.66 per day...or a large Starbucks Frappuccino!


    If you hear the call connect with us (soulfirecreation@gmail.com) and we will send more details.

  • Souls on FIRE


  • SoulFire Presents:

    A calling to Cosmic Creators

    A three part conversation to awaken, live and manifest your

    Soul Knowing.

    Decloaking & Living Authentically

    Decloaking and Living is the gateway to rediscovering the magic we carry as women,

    flowing energy through matter,

    breathing life back into ourselves and the planet.

    There has been a deep activation to loosen the current cultural mindset at play for quite some time now.

    It has been powerful and essential.

    Every prophet, yogi, guru, artist, edge worker and conscious leader has been pivotal to the awakening of humanity.


    NOW- is the time to awaken SELF and embody the ancient wisdom that literally comes alive as we reclaim our past, discovering we are so much more then we have been taught.


    The power of this process will invite and allow you to touch your seeds of your deepest potential.

    Beneath the stories and the conditioning that has shaped who you are today is another layer of truth waiting to surface.


    This experience, rooted in a WEL-Systems® approach, invites you to to shift your perception, considering yourself and your world differently through deeply personal and intimate real life, real time shared experiences.


    Engaging & Awakening Others

    This is not a Retreat

    This is a deep recognition

    A birthing of our light from our dark

    A space to press, uncover, let go, meet, and surrender

    A face to face meeting of

    the core shaping family systems you came from

    Where no stone will remain unturned

    The systems that simmer below, invisible but deeply felt, in your body and in your world

    These five days will unearth the conditions and patterns you once formed

    to preserve your Soul Knowing

    that once genius, now have become the ties that bind.


    In the excavation you will reveal to yourself a different kind of history

    one of ancient intelligence

    and a lineage that calls you to boldly continue to blaze the trail

    for the next seven generations, beginning with YOU.


    Manifesting a Meaningful Life

    Experience in quantum healing and WEL-Systems is required. Private invitation only

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