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    SoulFire Island Jewelry Line

    SoulFire started out as two best friends having coffee and conversations and wanting a better world for ourselves, our children and our community. Our company is built from being open, honest and in touch with our own soul and the the world around us. The jewelry line began as Ange left an unhealthy marriage and needed to start over again with very little. She slowly began saving money for beads and supplies and eventually taught herself and Naomi the craft of jewelry making. The two friends collect shells from sacred beaches on the West Side of Oahu to create unique and one of a kind pieces. Every piece they create has inspiration, possibility and meaningful conversations woven into them.

    SoulFire’s jewelry is destined to change lives and touch the heart and

    soul of whom ever wears them.


    Please email for wholesale inquiries and local purchases: soulfirecreation@gmail.com

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    The Ignition

    January 11, 2018
    As I head into my 41st year here on this beautiful blue dot my Birthday present to myself is to...
    October 24, 2017
    There is a wild in me and in all women. Our power is not to be tamed, it is to be RECLAIMED. A...
    September 20, 2017
    I could feel the love of a life time. As it was suddenly over...all that I could feel was the...
    September 20, 2017
    My mouth couldn't speak the language that our souls already knew. This was more than speechless....
    September 19, 2017
    I tried. Tried to grasp the crazy we had. The harder I tried, the more I took on. The more I took...
    Trust me. If I thought that 'the peace, love and light' path was going to take me here. Well... I...
    July 9, 2017
    Being in the space of my messy truth without the light of my soul is like breathing without...
    April 11, 2017
    I began to say YES. I have been intensely discovering my way to finally reach this place inside....
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