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    “Let the fire in your soul spark a life where anything and everything is possible. “ ~ Ange Arbuckle

  • Truly 'one of a kind' island jewelry


    ~ Every piece has inspiration, possibility and meaningful moments woven into them ~


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  • My Story

    Living my Wildest Dreams. Mother to three boys. Jewelry Maker. Writer.

    Space Holder for Women's Retreats.

    Ange Arbuckle


    I grew up in a very small town in rural Nova Scotia, Canada and I have always been full of BIG dreams! As a little girl I would boldly declare that I would one day travel the world and live barefoot on a beach somewhere. Fast forward thirty years and I found myself moving back to that small town with three boys and living a 'normal life'.

    Midway through building a successful career as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and owning a Wellness Center and Health Store I decided to follow my childhood dream. I recognized that my life was good, my kids were healthy, we had a beautiful home and much to be thankful for and yet my soul was longing for more.


    I was missing that spark I had as a little girl who believed any dream was possibleand I could no longer resist the desire to live wild and free!


    We made the bold decision as a family to leave Canada behind and move to Hawaii.

    This path had many bumps and learning curves along the way as many great adventure do! Five years into our Hawaii adventure and I found myself starting over once again into another adventure.


    SoulFire began as I was leaving my marriage and

    starting over again with very little.


    I realized that I wanted my life to reflect everything that I truly love.

    I wanted my life to feel as though my heart and soul were fully aligned and alive with passion.

    One day I drafted a list of 'loves' which included early morning walks on the beach, collecting unique shells,watching my sons surf and being creative.


     I realized for this next chapter of my life I wanted a career that I loved and

    I wanted my work to be woven into my living.


    Eight years ago if someone would have forecasted that I would make jewelry as a career,

    I would've laughed and replied that I am NOT at all 'crafty' or 'artistic'.

    However, I slowly began saving money for beads and supplies and eventually taught myself the craft of jewelry making. I collect shells from sacred beaches on the West Side of Oahu to create unique and one of a kind pieces.

    I can honestly say that I am in love with making jewelry!


    Every piece has inspiration, possibility and meaningful moments woven into them.


    SoulFire’s jewelry is destined to touch

    the heart and soul

    of whom ever wears them.


    SoulFire Island Jewelry continues to grow and be inspired by my

    island life in Hawaii.

  • Please email for wholesale inquiries and local purchases: soulfirecreation@gmail.com


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    Ange Arbuckle

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