I have denied myself my own liberation.

Closed in fear.

Weighed down by distrust.

Recycling my past.

All along, still secretly believing that another would set me free.

I had forgotten the createress.

Forgotten the force.

The magic.

Limited access has only given me limited experience.



Desperately wanting access to whatever it was that I closed away.

My right to pleasure.

My right to beauty.

My right to the depths of my own joy.

Now, to remember.

To know.

To meet that core truth that I locked away.

The unforgettable prison that had long tortured my soul.

NOW this is my gateway.


This was never about another.

This was about saying yes when it was my time.

This was a liberation for my soul

This kind of freedom cannot be taken away.

But first we have to awaken from our sleeping state.

To know that this journey truly does begin within.

~Ange Arbuckle

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