I've often tried to recall who I was and where my thoughts were at the time we collided.

I wanted to see if I could do it all over again

I wanted to go back in time.

Each time I take myself there I can see that I am missing the point.

The treasure of you was never to be kept and there was nothing to hold onto.

I can see that I needed you to simply remind me of a different path.

Always looking back with 20/20 and a hint of nostalgia


Right now

I can see the point.

I get it.

This is not about looking back.

It never has been

It has been about seeing a new path and choosing from there

This is about letting go

No. I mean REALLY letting go.

Moving forward.

To self collide over and over again and then again once more.

To bump up against every last story, belief and fiber that no longer speaks to my soul

And from this unshakeable place I will no longer seek to re-write a 'happy ending'

I will write the story of my soul.

After all, I didn't come here to be lost in the story of illusions.

I came here to crack my core, and to live as the exception...not as the rule.

~ Ange Arbuckle

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