Her Soul is on Fire…

She calls to those who hunger to know their own.

To those who run head first into their own fire, igniting an inner SPARK that cascades into a wildfire,

burning away all that is NOT Soul.

She knows her stories and your stories are the first to go, leaving a raw, naked to the bone space where awakened Presence lives and breathes Life.

Her fierce compassion reminds you of the love and respect you carry for yourself.

Her powerful grace reminds you to stop fighting, to soften and surrender to yourself, even as things die and come to an end.

Her unwavering trust reminds you to trust your own journey of becoming.

Her courageous commitment to herself invites you to stay true to your own.

Her willingness to unleash and flow the force of nature she is into the world welcomes you to do the same.

Her ability to navigate inner chaos reminds you it’s safe to rise in your own.

Her great passion compels you to act when all around you is complacency.

She allows the process of death for what was, to make room for the birth of what awaits…

ALL that IS Soul.

Naomi Irons

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