Many times the contradictions in my own life become so overwhelming. 

I often wonder how is it that I am passionately called to create a world in which Consciousness/Awakened Truth, is the driving force behind it’s creation. 

Essentially, a Light House for those looking for a different way, completely unhindered by what the rest of the world is choosing; while at the same time, called so deeply to shine a light deep in the ground where the War on Consciousness is raging, growing structures and systems that embed compliance and fear. 

A fear that has us looking outside ourselves at the problems of our lives and our world while seeking to find answers from the same source. 

Until we discover a different perspective and the capacity to GO IN and fully own the contradictions of great beauty and the ugly mess, we will be trapped in the culture, conforming to it, isolating ourselves from it, or railing against it; instead of simply choosing from within!

Naomi Irons

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