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Here to stay

part two

I could feel the love of a life time.

As it was suddenly over...all that I could feel was the pain of my lifetime.

So much that I could barely navigate.

Could barely function

And that's when it all hit me.

This was never about another

This was never about the beautiful moments

This was much more than long kisses and sensual showers

This love and this pain was me

All of me.

Invited by another soul and felt to the core of my being.

This was the me that I've been scared to feel.

Scared to know

Scared to touch and terrified to loose.

Amidst my tears and heart ache... this is what I know to be true.

I know that I am coming more alive than ever before.

More alive moment by moment.

I know this pain and I know this love.

And that's when ALL of this made sense.

You were never meant to stay.

You were here to open a part of my soul.

And my soul....

well, that is the only part that is meant to stay.

~Ange Arbuckle

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