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It Takes What It Takes

There is a wild in me and in all women. Our power is not to be tamed, it is to be RECLAIMED.

A few mornings ago I drove down the beautiful Hawaiian coast, the sun was peeking over the mountains, my children were singing their hearts out to the music on the stereo and our dog was hanging out the window with his tongue flapping in the wind. We arrived at our favourite deserted beach and made our way to the middle where our pooch can run free. I heard dogs barking in the woods and something was alerted inside of me but I dismissed it and kept watching the kids play.

All the sudden I had a shiver come over my body. I turned and saw two big stray dogs coming towards us. I immediately told the kids to get in the water and I looked in their eyes and said you are going to see my Warrior and I want you to know you will be just fine, you just have to breathe.

The shiver turned into a force inside me. Knowing what I know, I was aware I was creating this situation AND I also knew it did not mean that I was to stand by and do NOTHING. I knew I had to become the Primal that was thundering through my bones and pulsing through my veins. I took a breath and in a nanosecond I chose to BECOME it. It all happened so quickly that all I remember was opening my mouth and letting free a sound that electrified my body like I imagine being struck by lightening feels like. I could see the dogs stop for a moment and then they retreated. The world stood still in that moment and I could see clearly that I did not need to shrink out of fear and I did not need to fight, I simply became my power instead of using it as a tool to protect or fight with.

I did not have the opportunity to do this when I was a child as the culture around me taught me to become anything but this beautiful, magnificent, electrifying, world shifting FORCE that lived inside and all around! My power was slammed so far down in my little body and shut out from the world I lived in that it became the very thing I developed an unhealthy relationship with. I only knew how to use it to overcome, strive, push, fight, resent and beat myself up with with. I had also known how to cover it with fear…to make myself small so I would not be punished or resented for it.

A few days ago that all changed…I went from a start/stop relationship with myself and something clicked inside…my body welcomed my true source of Power Home.

Who do we become if our power is no longer a tool for protection or fighting and it becomes the very source of our creativity.

Naomi Irons

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