I came here with infinite potential...

with a finite story written into my flesh

and etched into my bones...

as a sometimes painful reminder for when I strayed from it...

Lineage. Loyalty. Bloodlines. Family. Culture.

Habits. Patterns. Outer Safety.

I was told who I should be,

how I should be,

before I had a choice.


I spent a lifetime going along

or fighting a story that was never written for me.

Until I realized

a different Story awaited...

My journey to freedom began.

Each time I bumped up against the tight, small, worn out story line

that eventually had become the oh so familiar harsh voice in my head,

I chose to rewrite my story.

Instead of the frantic search outside,

I journeyed inward.

I began to hear the whisper of a different voice,

one that carried a different vibration...then much of the world around me.

I lay my ear to my own body and I listened.

Softly. Deeply. Gently.

I intuitively knew there was something written much deeper,

etched into my dormant DNA, that told a different story.

The Story of my Soul.

It was never intended to be a scripted story with an outcome.

It is Infinite and

is is meant to be written as I live and experience LIFE.

My Story now sings louder and and with more grace,

then the chaos of an old story that fights to hold me in check.

And when I go beyond the content of my life

I touch a tender sweet spot,

where an activation older then time happens

that demands a different YES.

An inner YES.

A cosmic YES.

Naomi Irons

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