That place to where you lead yourself

Don’t confuse it with being ‘pushed to your edge of a breaking point’

There is no breaking here, except to break free

Free beyond your limitations and illusions of comfort

Free beyond everything that was familiar and perceived safe

Free to choose and live the life you once dreamed of

This edge is the place where you choose

Choose the unknown over the limited familiar

Choose beyond the map you are currently following

Choose to have more of YOU in your life

Of course the edge is not for everyone

There are those who never question

There are those who prefer habits and patterns

There are those who simply enjoy coloring within the lines

There are those who will not imagine a world beyond the status quo

There are those who cling to the life they built and the stuff they have

The edge is the place where you free yourself from the mundane and ordinary

The place where you try on and live extraordinary

It is beyond everything that you were taught to believe

It starts with you

It is a place where you mind cannot change your life, this is not a ‘thinking edge’

Sure. Our thoughts can shape our reality….to a point

This edge goes beyond thought and awakens your body

Awakens the heart and guts of it all

Awakens ALL of you

Awakens your life from a faint whisper to a primal call

The good news is the edge is often that place you fear to go

It is where you hold yourself hostage to the lies you keep living

It is where your truth will set free and will transform the matter of your being

The edge is where you will see enough of your real self that you will never want to look away

The edge is where you magic begins and weaves all of your light into your life

The collective has long feared the edge, now we fear our life without it

The edge is a place where I have traveled often

Each time I unfold more life and possibility

Each time I reclaim more of my past so it no longer defines me

Each time I discover the fear is in the ‘thinking’ about it

I AM designed for living and not just ‘thinking about living’

The edge is now where I now pause, relax and breath

I have come to know it as a celebration of what’s to come!

Ange Arbuckle

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