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This way to Freedom

Here it comes. The heaviness that settles in my body like a thick, dense suffocating cloud.
It seeks to define my very existence and to close me off from the rest of the world.
This time is different.
This time I recognize the veil, the protective covering that keeps me from the real deal, which is really just
the root of my own separation from myself.
As I let go and go deeper, I soften. Gentle tears fall down my face as I go into that sweet, tender spot of my own pain.
A pain so deep and so old that it threatens to engulf me but this time I allow the sensations to rise in my body and I REMEMBER...I am more then this but THIS is the way to freedom.
My mind seeks to press against it all, to rationalize with the sensations rising, moving like a tsunami through my core.
As my mind finally surrenders, my body leads and opens the flood gates for what feels like a reclamation as old as time.
I do not turn away and as the once gripping story fades, I am more present in the very body that I was seeking to flee five minutes ago.

I am home within myself.

I AM on the cusp of another new beginning...

Naomi Irons

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