You see.

There is this thing we do. Collectively.

We de-value ourselves, our experience and our truth.

We need to.

It is how we feel ok in the moment.

It has become a part of 'how' our culture copes....

"It's not that bad"

"Other people have it much worse"

"I really cannot complain"

On and on.

These stories spin so that we never fully get to hear our own truth.

It's like before we can touch it...we take our truth and place it elsewehere

Just over there, so we can't know it.

And as we learn to cope just for these moments -there becomes this gap.

This gap soon becomes THE FEAR of our own truth

Widening between what is real and what we think we need to believe to cope.

Until one day.

That day that we decide we are worth knowing.


And so,

Once I decided I am worth knowing.....

my truth AND all of my truths OF all of my experiences became my own

I simply stopped coping, started feeling and began living.

~ Ange Arbuckle

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